Lost in a sea of images

We swim in a sea of images. The water reflects the sky. The water is crystal making the reflection perfect, and the sun glimmers on its surface. Just as fireworks are stimulating to the eye, so is the glittering light on the water. We see the reflection, then look up at the sky: the water and the sky meet at the horizon. We look back down at the rippling water. The sky ripples. The sea ripples. The reflection ripples, and glimmers and dances. We notice our own reflection in the water. We pear at it, we play around with it, we pose, we make waves in the water. Soon everything we do we are now also watching ourselves as we do it in the rippling water. The ripples in the water reflect squirming shapes of light onto your skin until your skin begins to squirm and your body begins to mimic the ripples, eventually appearing to adopt a liquid like consistency.

A mist has formed where the sky meets the sea, making the horizon fuzzy and blurred, but we don’t look there, we look at our reflection. We have forgotten about the sky. The water ripples, the sky ripples, we ripple.

Hypnotised, we move closer to the water. The sea of images consumes us as we submerge ourselves. Our liquified bodies move with the water, and quite naturally we start to flow in time with the waves. We leave the sky behind on the other side of the water’s surface: faint, blurry and rippling.


By Calypso Keane


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