“Like water in water”

To be able to see water, you must be able to unsee it first. The longer you look at moving water, the more your vision is seduced by the blinking illusions that roll around and reflect off its surface. Your eyeballs become lost amid the colourful alternations of light and dark, fleeting shapes that morph and interchange. The moment you catch a crackling of sunlight on its surface, it has already danced off and dissolved into some dark shape that swims away into the body of water.

In this continuously moving way, water is nothing but the reflections and refractions of its surroundings; it flirts with shapes, yet has no shape, it knows no boundary between the trees and the sky, or you and the person standing next to you.

Collecting textures that suggest water and taking influence from digitally simulated water, I am developing a technique using paint and inkjet-photo-transfer that suggest characteristics of water such as reflection, refraction, fluidity and illusion. I think we can learn from water’s reflections to see the world from a different, more fluid and continuous, perspective. By moistening the way we think and we can lubricate those tight structures that construct our reality.

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