In reflection of all the photos I’ve recently posted of my work, you can see that the artworks come in pieces, but they also come together as a whole.

From the walks through the Tiergarten and my interactions with physical space, I’ve created a body of work that can be rearranged to create different spaces. From collected rusty metal and colourfully painted rubbish, the artwork attempts to portray specific experiences I’ve had in physical space; things I notice, such as texture, light and colours, in moments of being present and hyper aware of my surroundings. I wanted to create an installation that translates how I view the world.

The physical aspect of moving and rearranging the objects within the body of work resonates with how I have been exploring ¬†physical space around me in everyday life. Whilst making this work I was taking walks where I would climb, jump, collect, notice and touch. Whilst making the work I would run back and forth from the skip to the studio gathering rubbish, hammering and pulling out nails, mixing bowls of colour, and dancing around the studio, (and when it was sunny, I’d go to the court yard and do stretches outside). These physical activities further increased my spacial awareness, and encouraged me to be present.

Only a select few of the paintings I am satisfied with: come to think of it, the ones I did in one sitting. These paintings much better portray the glittering moments of satisfaction I felt at times whilst in the Tiergarten. The more spontaneously and ‘in the moment’ I work, the more instinctive and intuitive the decision making when it comes to composition and colour.The paintings are an interpretation of what I see and feel.

I’ve tried to be inventive and explore painting on different surfaces and objects. The surface of what I paint on helps guide where I lay the paint as I navigate the surface and construct a composition. I would argue that I sculpt with paint rather than paint with paint. Maybe this is a bad thing because I’m not using the oil paint to the best of its ability and in doing so restricting my paintings. But the sculpting also adds another physical aspect; standing over the wood, feet spread apart and balancing, I carefully spread the paint across the surface.

I began painting on wood that I found because I felt more at ease beginning a painting that wasn’t on expensive white canvas that I’d spent time preparing and stretching etc. This was good because it began my flow into creating lots of work. However it also meant that I valued each painting less and gave up on some to begin another rather than persisting to make that one great, and potentially improving my painting skills.

I’ve been painting on objects because space is so important in art and yet is often forgotten when viewing a two dimensional painting. I would be interested in painting the interior of a room; to describe and reflect the space using thick lovely colour.