The Hand

This is the post excerpt.


A hand made out of clay because I wanted to practice using the medium.

The sculpture of a hand has had its palm read and written down on a sheet from a notepad. This hand represents the entire person. Obviously it is not representative of the entire person, but it represents the person as numbers might represent people, say, on a list. It explores the idea of how a person might represent themselves, or how a person might be represented. The notepad paper mimics the notes from some kind of personality analysis (therapist? psychiatrist?).

Is something as simple as a number suitable to represent a person, or is something as anonymous as a hand? Palm readers believe that ones character and future/life is shown by the lines on and shape of ones hands. So perhaps this clay hand does represent an entire person’s personality?

As a starting point I’m interested in researching about the mind and what it is; how can we understand ourselves; what makes you you (i.e. your mind? your face/body? Our hands? Our work?). Does this hand represent me because I sculpted it? Or does it represent an imaginary¬†person? Or is the hand just an entity itself…?

The idea behind the whole thing was quite random, but it sparked from this internal conflict I’d been having about conceptual art; is it all bullshit, or should I be more open minded to exploration and ideas? ¬†Obviously saying, ‘its all bullshit’ is a fairly negative and dismissive way of thinking, but I also believe that you shouldn’t just neglect your own opinion just because of what everyone else thinks. SO ANYWAY I made a hand out of clay, and I asked my friend to read its palm, because, why not? (I was potentially also making a joke out of palm reading – but the more my friend explained to me about the subject, I became quite interested (from a sceptical point of view, of course..) and I might investigate it a little more in my project.)

I appreciate that the hand is very good, but I guess its more about the idea anyway. Also it was fun using clay for the first time.