Old Weathered Photographs

I found some photographs over summer in my grandad’s shed on his allotment of me and my bro performing circus tricks. They were in a soggy box with a load of other stuff that had been kept there for years soaking up damp. All the stuff had sort of merged together to create one soggy clump of my grandads or random memories.

I’d never seen these photos before and it was quite nice to find them because they reminded me of a forgotten part of my childhood.

The one inside the circus tent where I am walking the tight rope I’m probably around the age of 8 or 9. During the Easter of 2005 (or 2006) I attended a kids circus course for a week in the South East of England. I remember that they were also a performing circus, and I think we went to see them.

The second photo is of me and my brother unicycling in the Isle of White. My mums best friend from Scotland – where she grew up – lives there with her family. We would occasionally go visit them and I think they had a couple unicycles in their house, and whenever we were there we’d ride them outside and up and down the corridor.

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